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cell phone jammer portable

cell phone jammer portable

A new method of stealing cars has just emerged in Brussels. This involves using a remote jammer to block the closing of the door. The technology has killed two people in iksell in a week. The author of yesterday's last flight was arrested. This Thursday is just the beginning of the day. A 28-year-old man has been found by police in the capital police in Brussels. He strolled down bayi street and observed the parked cars. Once the driver left his car, the young man put his hand in his pocket and manipulated an object. And what object! The police continued to follow him. After a while, the man did the same thing again, where the door of the target car was no longer closed. He didn't have two rushes into the cockpit to start the search. He was quickly arrested by the police. They found objects and gps jammer in his pocket. This type of gadget is on sale. It can get some 30 euros without any problems. Most of the models are fragile, because the closed systems of good radar jammers are mostly electronic.

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