How can I post/upload images to my profile?

You can upload an image to Luv So Much in several different ways. From your computer, move your mouse over your avatar on the top of the page, select the “Upload” option, then select "Upload photo". Once you select an image, just fill in the information about it and done! It will now show on your profile and other users will be able to luv it. You can also add images from other website with the "Upload photo" option, then select "From Web". We recommend tagging your images with descriptive keywords and adding them to collections so that other users can more easily find your uploads.

Content Policy

Stuff you can’t post. You aren’t allowed to post anything that:

  • Is sexually explicit or pornographic, exploits or presents minors in a sexual way, or promotes adult sexual services.
  • Creates a genuine risk of physical injury or property damage, credibly threatens people or public safety, or organizes or encourages harm
  • Promotes self-harm, eating disorders or hard drug abuse
  • Attacks, bullies or harasses nonpublic people
  • Includes hate speech
  • Is gratuitously violent or gory
  • Infringes anyone's intellectual property, privacy or other rights
  • Is fraudulent or deceptive
  • Is someone else's personal information or requests a minor's personal information
  • Contains any information or content that’s illegal
  • Represents a private person offering to trade or sell drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or other hazardous materials

Is it free?

Creating an account is free, as well as posting in your catalog.

Image posting

The LUVSOMUCH browser button makes it easy to save creative ideas from around the web:

Download Chrome button


  1. manually download the file (right click → Save As…)
  2. open the Extensions page in Chrome (Window → Extensions)
  3. drag the luvsomuch.crx file into the Extensions page

How to use browser button?

When you find a good image on any website just click on the button.